How to add ExFi token in MetaMask or Bifrost wallet

ExFi tokens like any other new tokens in the crypto space are creating huge popularity among the crypto space users and so in order to be utilized in the market, these Exfi token addresses should be copied and airdropped in different wallets so these can be used in the crypto world. Therefore, first, we need to learn about How to add ExFi token in MetaMask or Bifrost wallet.

What is an ExFi token?

ExFi is also known as Experimental Finance is a platform launched by flare finance on the songbird network. The ExFi platforms enable both the developers and the users to test, learn and gain experience in the decentralized finance space.

ExFi is the native token of the ExFi platform and it is used for many applications across the ExFi platform such as fee replacement token and yield farming.

The actual distribution date of ExFi starts on January 1st, 2022. Now to add the ExFi tokens in the Metamsk or the Bifrost wallet the first thing you need to have is the ExFi token address

How to add ExFi token in MetaMask or Bifrost wallet

  1. Adding ExFi token in Metamask wallet
  • Open the Metamask wallet
  • Click on assets scroll down to the bottom and click on import tokens.
  • Now paste the copied ExFi address and add a custom token.
  • Click on Import tokens.
  • Voila, now you have added the ExFi token on the Metamask wallet.
  1. Adding ExFi token in Bifrost wallet
  • First, open the application of the Bifrost wallet
  • Click on the icon receive on the page.
  • Scroll the way to the bottom of the page and add a custom token and paste the contact address of the ExFi token and then click on Continue.
  • Click on add custom token.
  • Voila, now we have added the ExFi token on the Bifrost wallet.

Concluding Thoughts

ExFi might go long way in improving the adoption of Defi among new crypto users. We’re all eager to see what the future holds for ExFi tokens and how these tokens will benefit the users in the crypto space.

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