How to buy big bull crypto in India

“Make hay when the sun shines” and since it is the time of Bigbull why not just buy it ?So before buying Big bull Crypto we should know how to buy big bull crypto in India!!

What is Big Bull Cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency industry is growing at a fast pace. We’ve already seen the birth of so many new currencies in such a short space of time. And now we have a brand new cryptocurrency on the block called Big Bull Crypto.Big Bull Crypto is the first Make in India crypto headquartered in India. It is the first Indian crypto to launch ICO in Delhi. BigBull has 11 trading tools, which will be launched after the ICO. The crypto is in the BSC blockchain, which is economical for purchases due to low transaction fees. We should also focus on how to buy the big bull crypto currency at the earliest.Currently available for purchase under ICI from Trust Wallet through Big Bull Binance Smart Chain.

Currently BigBull will be listed on several major exchanges, following its ICO on April 22nd, for which Mr. Ravindra Potdar, CEO and developer of BigBull has several plans.

How to buy Big Bull crypto in India?

Big Bull crypto is available for purchase at affordable rates, so that any buyer can buy it. Its transaction range is between Rs 1 to Rs 10,00,000.Big Bull Crypto is launching a public ICO at a starting price of Rs.1 per token and will soon bring many more trading tools to make it user-friendly and user-friendly. BigBull has set the goal of connecting with every person in the country and taking crypto to every household, buying Big Bull will be so easy that even a day-to-day person can easily buy it.

Here are the steps how to buy big bull crypto in India :

1. Arrangement MetaMask (Computer/Laptop clients) or TrustWallet (Phone clients)

MetaMask can be added as a chrome program augmentation or downloaded from the application/play store and TrustWallet can be downloaded from the play store. From that point forward, for MetaMask, you should add the Binance Smart Chain to your organization list.

2. Purchase and send BNB to your wallet

Purchase BNB on an incorporated trade (for example Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin and so forth) Then, at that point, utilizing your wallet address, move the tokens to your wallet from the trade. On TrustWallet, you can purchase BNB straightforwardly to your wallet with fiat utilizing Simplex.

3. Trade BnB Smart Chain for BULLCOIN on Pancakeswap

For PC/PC clients, explore and associate your MetaMask wallet. For telephone clients, access the Dapp program inside the trust wallet (android clients just) or metamask application and explore to and associate your wallet.

Whenever that is done, acquire the BULL COIN address and glue into the pancake swap trade. Guarantee to set slippage to 0.5 – 10% and if any mistake happens attempt a higher slippage. Next trade BnB Smart Chain for BULL COIN, which you ought to have the option to see now in your wallet. To see BULL COIN on MetaMask, you should physically add BULL COIN to your organization list.

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Big Bull Crypto in a Nutshell

  1. The Public Sale initiation or launch was done by Marketing Maven and actor Suhel Seth. The ICO of Big Bull was unveiled at the Leela in Chanakyapuri. 
  2. It is the first-ever Make In India crypto. 
  3. It has 11 trading tools that would be launched after ICO is launched. The crypto is in the BSC blockchain and is economical for purchases as it has a low transaction fee. 
  4. It can be purchased under ICI Trust Wallet through Big Bull Binance Smart Chain. 
  5. Big Bull is launched at Rs 1 for the first time. 
  6. For every 100000 cryptos sold under ICO, its price would be increased by Rs 0.075 ($0.001)
  7. Big Bull would be listed on some major exchanges. 


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