How To Buy Cronos NFTs Using Metamask Wallet Extension

This article will help us learn about Cronos and how to buy Cronos NFTs using Metamask wallet extension.

What is Cronos?

Cronos can be defined as an Ethereum virtual machine blockchain running parallel with the Chain, almost similar to Binance Smart Chain for Binance. It helps massively scale the Defi ecosystem by supporting developers’ port apps from Ethereum and EVM compatible chains. Cronos runs on Proof -of -Authority (POA) algorithm and relies on Ethermint, which helps rapidly port apps and smart contracts. Cronos provides scalable transactions and interoperability and processes more transactions per minute than Ethereum, making it a more scalable, faster, and cheaper process. The base settlement currency of Cronos is $CRO. It comes with an in-built IBC protocol which helps with easy deployment and decentralized application development. Now let us look into how to buy Cronos NFTs using Metamask wallet extension.

How to buy Cronos NFTs using Metamask wallet extension?

Metamask helps interact with the Ethereum blockchain with their browser extension or mobile app, enabling interactions with the decentralized applications in the network. These applications can have helpful integrations like Metamask swap, which allows the integrated exchange of Ethereum tokens by aggregating decentralized exchanges for the best token exchange rate. Here the NFTs can be added as the custom tokens in the metamask web extension. Metamask shows the Cronos NFTs under collectibles. Below are the steps to buying Cronos NFTs using the Metamask wallet extension.

1. Download MetaMask’s browser extension

First, download the browser extension on your browser to start using metamask. This process is free and doesn’t require any gas fees for downloading or installing this software.

2.Connect Cronos to MetaMask

Open the Main Ethereum Network tab in Metmask, which will give a drop-down menu of the following Cronos settings.

– Network Name: Cronos Chain

– New RPC URL:

– Block Explorer URL:

– Symbol: CROS

– Chain ID: 25

Click on ‘Save’ to proceed.

You are now connected to Cronos’ mainnet with your MetaMask Wallet.

3.Next, send the Cronos ($CRO) to your MetaMask Wallet through the Exchange.

You would require $CRO to interact with the decentralized applications on the Cronos mainnet, and these can be obtained from App or Exchange. The best method is to send your coins is through or any other exchange supporting CRO tokens. There is a 0.4 minimum withdrawal amount, and it costs 0.2 dollars per coin of value – no matter the size of the transaction.

Next, send them over from the “Cronos Network” rather than from “CRONOS.” After this, your coins will reflect on Metamask.

Transactions on the Cronos network require its native token, $CRO, which is used as a gas fee, and you can obtain $CRO tokens from the App.

Wrapping up

Metamask browser extension can send, receive and interact with the Cronos NFTs.Metamask makes user interaction easy through their browser extension and mobile app. We need to make sure that Cronos Network is set up on our MetaMask wallet and that only the correct address is used in the entire transaction process.

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