How to cash out the safemoon from trust wallet

In this article, we will learn about the new cryptocurrency in the market which is the “Safemoons” and also know about How to cash out the safemoon from trust wallet so that these meme tokens can be redeemed before it zooms out or when it is selling like hot cakes in the markets.

Safemoons tokens are creating a buzz like no one before and its billboards are put up on times square, New York City which will run for the next 365 days making itself the latest addition to the blockchain industry. So the hottest topic regarding safe moons is How to cash out the safemoon from trust wallet at the earliest so that the investors can cash out of it when safe moons blow up or when they want to cash out the safemoon tokens.

What is a Safe moon?

The safe moon is a new crypotocurrency that works on the Binance blockchain launched on March 8, 2021, dubbed by developers as the “world’s fasted growing cryptocurrency.”

Safemoon is based on three main components

  1. Reflection: 5% is reflected by all holders for passive income.
  2. LP Acquisition: 5% is added to the liquidity pool
  3. Burn: The burn wallet is used to receive a portion of the reflections to be never seen again.

So after knowing about a safe moon we all should question whether the safe moon is safe for investments and how to cash out safe moons from the trust wallet? The answer would be safe moon cryptocurrency is now in the stage of speculation as it is yet not proven of its benefits through a project or a team.

Safemoon’s roadmap for the year 2022 seems interesting and many new projects are going to be introduced and therefore many investors are eyeing safe moons at the earliest. However, these cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets and therefore the investments should only be made if you are willing to lose.

How to cash out the safemoon from trust wallet ?

Safemoons is presented as a DeFi Token which means it is presented by a decentralized finance system run on the Binance Smart chain and allows or the trade between people without the interference of the centralized systems like the bank or the government.

One of the best takes of the safe moon is that the investors are encouraged to hold the crypto rather than sell it and even if the investors who sell their coin have to bear a sales tax of 10% and other 5% will be added to the liquidity pool. Therefore how to cash out Safemoons from the trust wallet is the question of the hour.SafeMoon was made for long-term investment and punish selling so an investor who sells is charged a 10% fee.

Steps to purchase a Safemoon Crypto

  • First download the Trust Wallet App – available on App Store, Google Play, or Android.
  • Buy one of two available established cryptocurrencies: Binance or bowscoin.
  • Tap on the DApp tab on the Trust Wallet app, which enables you to find decentralized applications and look for PancakeSwap.
  • The PancakeSwap helps you to exchange Binance or bowscoin for safe moon tokens.
  • Finally, the safe moon tokens are then held in Trust Wallet.

The process of cashing out safe moons from the trust wallet involves the following steps.

1. Open the Trust Wallet app and click on the  “Browser” or “dApps” for Android users.

2. Click on the”PancakeSwap.”

3. On the “From” section, click on the BNB symbol and type  “SafeMoon in the search bar.

4. “Click on “SafeMoon.” and you will get a notice that 10% transaction fee and 5% are tacked on Safemoon distributed to token holders and the rest is added to liquidity. Click on “I understand” and hit “Continue.”

5. Click on the aquamarine icon next to the clock symbol which will let your slippage to 12% and hit “X.”

6. Click on “Select a currency” and hit “BNB.”

How to Sell SafeMoon

7. Click the “From” section and tap on the  “Max” icon to sell all of your SafeMoon tokens.

8. Click on “Swap” and tap “Confirm Swap.”

9. Next you will be taken to a page that will inform you of the BNB network fee. If you’re satisfied with it, hit “Send.”

10. Then you will get a “Transaction submitted” message. If you click on the BscScan link, you can check the status of the transaction. Once it’s processed, it will go from “Pending” to “Success.”

11. On the Binance US website, select“Buy Crypto” and click on the “Sell” tab.

12. Next select “BNB” under “Sell” and “USD” under “Payment Method.”

13. Then tap on “Max” and hit “Sell BNB.”

14. You’ve now sold your SafeMoon for USD.

Closing Thoughts

Meme tokens such as safe moons are as risky as they are famous and therefore proper research should be done before the investments are made. Safemoon is launched on Binance smart chain, therefore, making it more centralized. The founders of the Safemmons have planned ideas which they plan to complement in the near future, however, the investors should only invest based on their appetites for the risk involved.

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