How to claim looks AirDrop

Like normal Airdrop Looks airdrop will also help you earn some money when claimed at the right time. Today the estimated worth of looks AirDrop is around $40000 and if you are eligible for the AirDrop, you can claim the needful amount before it trends out. Therefore, first, inorder to claim the looks Airdrop first you should learn how to claim looks AirDrop.

What are looks AirDrop?

Looks AirDrop are the native tokens of LooksRare platform. They introduced the looks AirDrop to take away the attention from one of the most popular NFT platform which is the Opensea. How to claim looks AirDrop is based on the conditions that if you have traded 3ETH or more on Opensea between the dates 16thJune-16th December 2021 and also if the NFT is put on sale on the Looksrare platform. The trading fees of the looks AirDrop are earned by the looks token stakes so more the transactions more will be the WETH that can be earned. You can only claim the LOOKs from the AirDrop within a short window of 7-10 days from the day it is airdropped. The looks token which are not claimed within the AirDrop period will be sent back to the treasury for the use in the ecosystem development.

How to claim looks AirDrop?

A new NFT marketplace LOOKSRARE has been launched on Ethereum which is used to buy and sell NFT tokens aiming to take over the Opensea platform. How to claim Looks AirDrop depends on all the people who will put some money to claim these tokens. Looksrare is heaping huge attention because of the AirDrop of the looks token where 120 Million looks token are allocated to the AirDrop. The minimum AirDrop eligible per wallet is 125 LOOKS token with the most active traders receiving 10K tokens.

In order to claim the Looks AirDrop , two major criteria need to be met:

  • At ,Least 3 ETH worth NFTs should be bought or sold on Opensea between 16th June and 16th December 2021.
  • List an NFT on sale on LOOKSRARE platform.

Claiming looks AirDrop is a simple process which involves the following steps.

How to claim looks AirDrop
  1. First go to the site of
  2. Next, connect to your web wallet.
  3. Now select the check now button, then check whether you are eligible to claim your Looks token for which you would require to sign up.
  4. In case you are eligible, then list an NFT for sale in the looksrare marketplace.
  5. Then choose the claim tokens button and confirm your transaction.
  6. Next stake your LOOKs on the reward page to earn the trading fees
  7. Or you can swap your LOOKS token for another form of cryptocurrency.

Even though claiming LOOKS token is safe it is always better to disconnect your wallet once you are done which can be done by clicking the wallet on the upper right corner and then clicking on disconnect. LooksRare has also new features  for the users in the NFT space by providing the buyer an offer where they can make an offer to a specific collection of NFT.

Closing Thoughts

Looks AirDrop has become a favorite on the Looksrare platform where a NFT marketplace has been created which provides excellent services to the users and the creators who choose to use this platform. Opensea was the leading NFT marketplace and looks AirDrop were created to take the attention from OPensea as some users were not satisfied with it. If you plan to explore a new marketplace then Looksrare is the place for you and you can also earn huge returns by claiming the LOOKs AirDrop at the provided duration if you are eligible. Also , by trading on the Looks Rare platform, you can be eligible earn a share in the marketplace revenue.

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