As famously said by Brain Tracy- Telling is not selling, only asking questions is selling! So before know How to sell Santa coins let us first ask what are actually the Santa Coins?

Santa Coin (STC) is a cryptocurrency and is reasonably similar to the old Bitcoin. It works with a script algorithm. It is a series of network protocols and infrastructures that allow you to send money anywhere you like, be it your own country or across the world, with just a click. There are no conversion rates and no fees to be applied because the currencies you are trading in are different! It’s a worldwide currency to go with the worldwide web! As an additional benefit, it offers person-to-person transfers that do not involve any third party — making it a more secure payment type than anything that records your bank details on the internet.

Before selling something there comes the buying part…So how is this coin bought?

If you have a smartphone or a device with an internet connection on it then you already have the opportunity to buy some of this valuable Cryptocurrency. In the next six months to a year Santa coin is going to explode — just like the old Bitcoin did… but there’s still time yet. If you get in on the deal now you can still buy it at a reasonable price. It has a current supply of 0. The last known price of the coin is 0.40264103 USD and is up 0.00 over the last 24 hours. Santa is making his way into the Cryptocurrency market to reward those who will shake his hands with BUSD rewards, in other words — when you hold Santa you’ll receive rewards in USD!

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Now How to sell a Santa Coins.

Below are the steps to follow to sell a Santa coin:

  • Open your Trust word App or open any browser and search Pancakeswap or Binance.
  • Next go to the trade and click on connect wallet and then connect.
  • Then it will show a trust wallet which will have an icon dApps.
  • Click on dApps and search PancakeSwap
  • Next sell the Santa Coins by clicking on the Santa coins of as many dollars as you wish.
  • Now Simply Swap To BNB and you will get a notification that your BNB is executed.
  • Now Click on BNB and the binance chain will be executed.

Now open Binance Exchange and then convert Binance to Cash. Just be sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to cover the transaction fees.

Final Thoughts

So next time you see a Bitcoin headline read it carefully. The end is nigh, and we should all be prepared when it comes. Santa coin may well represent the currency of the future — and not just online. A universal payment type that spans the globe is not only a passing fashion, but it is something that we, as a society, are evolving to the point where it is becoming a necessity. Most of our lives are lived online nowadays, in our digital age why shouldn’t money be digital too? It only fits. This may be the Cryptocurrency that survives the change in times — so don’t miss out on your chance to partake. 

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