How to Transfer SongBird token to Metamask

Canary network is much similar to a test net with one important difference that it holds actual value. Songbird network, which is the Canary network of Flare, is a live blockchain with its own token supply. It will be primarily used to test features like smart contracts, dApps and governance before the other network, the Flare network is launched. Is there a reason to transfer Songbird token to Metamask? Let’s explore.

The songbird token will be worth something when received on the songbird network but has no value when held on the test network. As the songbird network is going to be a test ground, the changes will be first implemented on songbird, following a governance vote on Flare network. This is to test and ensure smooth running before carrying the changes over to the Flare network. Many different applications will be built on top of the Songbird network prior to going on to Flare. Songbird will be initially launched as a pure EVM smart contract network, thus enabling network architecture testing and initiation of third party dApps testing. Later on, features like FTSO, State Connector and F-asset systems will be added to the network.

Crypto exchanges were advised to not make Songbird token available for sale or purchase until 27th Sept, 2021 as Songbird network was under observation mode. The observation mode is for allowing time for exchanges, developers and data providers to get familiar with the network structure. The Songbird token is listed on Bitrue exchange from 27th September onwards. The Songbird (SGB) which is Songbird network’s own token was airdropped to the recipients of the FLR distribution.

Everyone XRP held at the time of the snapshot was allocated with 0.1511 SGB.

How to get SongBird token to Metamask

As a wallet and browser extension MetaMask is fully compatible with any ERC-20 standard token including Songbird. Many of the users have already loaded their account with ETH and been trading for other well-known ERC-20 tokens. Metamask allows users to add custom tokens attached to niche projects that don’t automatically appear in the provided list.

A convenient way to access and interact with blockchains like Songbird is by using the Metamask browser extension. The claimed Songbird tokens can be accessed by using a custom network to Metamask, but the recovery phrase should be ensured with a secure back-up before proceeding.

How to Transfer SongBird to Metamask
Metamask browser extension

It is really easy to see Songbird tokens, as FTSO AU has created an incredible guide for users. After installing Metamask, the user has to add the Songbird network and connect to it. Metamask is just an extension for your browsers, while the supported browsers can be seen as Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge.

Once the installation process is completed a small icon will appear, which is the metamask icon. On clicking the icon, the user will be taken to the setup process where the Ethereum main net is the default connection among other built in networks. As the Songbird network is relatively new it has to be added by clicking on the Custom RPC option and filling the fields by copying the details from the FTSO AU page. As the details are saved, the Songbird network will be available to be set as default. When closing the network option, the user will be able to see the Songbird tokens as well as the wrapped Songbird tokens on the main page of Metamask.

Connect SongBird token to Metamask using a hardware device

Songbird can be connected to Metamask using a hardware device like a ledger or a trezor by clicking on the Metamask icon and selecting the “Connect Hardware Device” option. There will be an option to connect a ledger device and go through all the set-up process or connect a trezor device. This enables the ledger device to be directly connected to the Metamask, thus avoiding the need to create a new wallet and send the assets to the Metamask wallet.

Sending Wrapped Songbird tokens to Other Networks

The assets can be sent by clicking on the particular asset on Metamask wallet and clicking “send”. The public addresses of the wallet needs to be typed and sent as normally as sending any other assets. Songbird token or any other token such as wrapped Songbird or Canary dollars from Flare finance can be sent through the Metamask wallet.

If Songbird tokens are claimed through self custody such as through ledger nano, D’cent wallet or any other wallet with key the Songbird network can be accessed once a public RPC is set up. The one set up that exists now is the RPC set up for ledger application developed by Towo Labs for both Songbird and Flare network. Various data providers are going to have links to RPC which is a node that allows users to connect to the network. The Songbird and Flare tokens are not going to land in the Ethereum or XRP address but will exist only on the Songbird network.

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