How to withdraw terk from trust wallet

Terk coin is a decentralized financial payment system built on Binance smart chain and rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain. It facilitates programmable payment and open financial infrastructure development. Now let us look into how to withdraw terk from a trust wallet.

What is a Terk coin?

Terk or Terkehh is a cryptocurrency launched in 2021 and runs on Binance smart chain or BEP20 platform. It became first tradeable on January 2, 2022, and there are overall 210Billion terk in total capacity, and it maintains a market value of USD 44Billion. TERK is currently trading at $0.0210 and is rated 3370 on Coinmarketcap. TERK cannot be bought using fiat currency, and it needs to register itself on cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

To purchase a TERK coin, you would require to first purchase Bitcoin from any fiat to crypto exchange and afterward transfer it to an exchange platform that will trade this cryptocurrency. The top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Terkehh stock are currently PancakeSwap and OpenSea. Now let us look into how to withdraw terk from a trust wallet.

How to withdraw TERK from Trust wallet?

To sell the TERK token on the Trust wallet, first, swap the TERK token with BNB on PancakeSwap. Convert BNB with the Stable coin BUSD; only then can you withdraw fiat currency on Binance. We cannot sell TERK tokens on Trust Wallet directly and should swap it with BNB first; only then can you withdraw it. Let’s have a look at how to withdraw terk from the trust wallet.

Steps to withdraw Terk token on Trust Wallet:

1.Log into the Trust Wallet:

Log in to your trust wallet account and check whether you have the required TERK tokens

2: Go to Dapps Option

In order to swap the TERK token, go to the Dapps option which will be at the bottom of the trust wallet mobile app.

 3: Search for the PancakeSwap Option

In Dapps, search for PancakeSwap and swap your Terk token, and this will redirect you to the webpage of pancake swap.When you reach the webpage, check whether or not it is a Smart chain and if not then select Smartchain from the list.

 4: Selecting BNB for swapping

They gave BNB as the default choice to swap with however, if any other crypto is given, select from the BNB list. There will be a downward arrow ↓ below the box; click on that. This will swap the position of the options of Cake and BNB. The cake will come up and the BNB will go down. Select the Cake option and then the app will ask you to enter the token which you want to swap. Enter the contact address for TERK, which is mentioned below i. 

5: Enter the Amount of TERK to be Swapped

Now enter the amount of TERK token to be swapped and check the exchange amount of the crypto with which you are swapping.

6: Complete the Swapping Process

Click and confirm the swap button to complete the process and wait to check whether the swapped amount is credited or not.

7: Convert BNB into a Stable Coin

Convert the BNB to a stable coin and convert it using a Dex option in the trust wallet. Next, you must select BNB to convert it to BUSD, which is a stable coin.

8: Input the Amount and Withdraw

Input the amount of BNB you want to swap with the BUSD and click on Swap. Select BUSD and then click on Send to withdraw the TERK token. Now, a pop-up will show you to fill in the“Recipient’s address,” or you can also scan the QR code displayed on the screen.

9: Deposition of BUSD

Now, go to your Binance account and click BUSD as your deposit currency and check you are in the “correct network” on the “exchange” and copy the “Binance receive/deposit address”.

10: Complete the Swap

After copying the deposit address from Binance account,  go back to the trust wallet page and paste the copied address art “Recipient’s address “. Now the amount will be transferred to the and go back to your Trust Wallet page where you left. “Binance centralized exchange wallet”.

11: Withdrawal of the BUSD from the Binance Account

After the amount is transferred to your Binance account, click on the “Withdrawal Fiat” button. Now, the page will ask you to select the fiat currency you want to withdraw, and then you have to enter the amount of BUSD you want to draw. Next, they will ask for your bank details and enter your card number to complete the process. It will transfer the required amount to your bank account.

Concluding thoughts
TERK tokens have achieved relatively good deals in the Binance Smart chain. How to withdraw terk from trust wallet is based on how well you understand the complete transaction process. However, do your research before investing in TERK because sometimes errors can occur in the withdrawal process of the tokens.

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