Top 5 Business Transformation Case Studies

Business transformation has become a necessity in today’s day and age. This is because the needs of consumers are constantly evolving and changing. If a business doesn’t adapt to this change in requirements, it will experience stagnant growth, leading to alarmingly low returns on investment.

Hence, we can see many organizations that prioritize the incorporation of innovative ideas and cutting-edge technologies in their business operations today. They have realized that they need to adapt to industry and marketplace shifts in order to succeed as a business. 

Business Transformation Case Studies

Taking a look at some of the business transformation case studies that can help you influence your own companies’ trajectories, strategic plans, and projects.

In this article, we will cover the top 5 business transformation case studies across a range of industries and locations.

  1. Jaguar Land Rover
  2. Deloitte
  3. Howden
  4. Under Armour
  5. Tesla

Jaguar Land Rover 

JLR embraced a significant transformation strategy with its decision to incorporate cloud technology to enhance the customer experience. The company developed an innovative 3D head-up display technology. This guarantees the improvement of vehicle safety, along with a better experience for passengers during a long journey. The technology aimed to do this by improving the driver’s reaction times on popping-out instructions and increasing depth judgments while driving, thereby reducing the risk of crashing.

Jaguar has also included a virtual windscreen that uses augmented reality technology in order to make the sides of the car completely transparent when a driver turns their head to see something that is behind them. By providing these transparent roof pillars, drivers will have an uninterrupted view outside the vehicle. Also the use of which reduces any distractions or potential accidents. The full potential of the JLR’s technology can be delivered by connecting the virtual windscreen to the cloud in order to display information ranging from petrol station prices to the number of parking spaces available.


Many of the business processes at Deloitte were repetitive, manual processes that weighed down various business units and prevented employees from giving clients their full attention. In light of this issue, the company decided to integrate RPA technology into its operations. Initially, they introduced billing automation, as they wanted to target the processes associated with Deloitte’s primary sources of revenue. The deployed software robots could manage the billing process without any hands-on support.

Practitioners could simply issue a billing command, and the RPA bots would handle the rest. This change brought in several benefits to the companies operations such as lesser billing errors, quicker billing cycles, and faster revenue collection. Due to this success, Deloitte also automated other aspects of its operations like HR: talent acquisition and onboarding. The RPA bots took care of Deloitte’s entire workflow from issuing an offer letter to requesting a background check. This helped cut down on costs significantly. 


Howden had identified several areas that needed improvement in their business operations. For instance, they wanted to move from a reactive service approach to building a collaborative partnership with their customers. Additionally, they hoped to improve their service and maintenance processes by providing invaluable insight into their equipment in a visual and easily consumable way.

This is why the company decided to incorporate an Augmented Reality (AR) solution that would easily provide insights from IoT to improve efficiencies. This would provide their customers with immersive, hands-free capabilities for easier visualization, and understanding of key product information. After the integration of the solution, they were able to show their customers the operating conditions and performance of the equipment to improve day-to-day operation. Predictive maintenance alerts, rapid parts identification, and easy to follow repair sequences were a few other benefits that were also experienced.

Under Armour

UA was one of the first athletic apparel companies that introduced the concept of connected fitness. With this concept, they wanted to enhance the customer experience. By providing a platform to track, analyze, and share personal health data rights to their mobile devices.

UA leveraged cutting-edge technology to transform their business operations through something as simple as a mobile app. The application provides a stream of information to UA, which allows them to instantly identify fitness and health trends. The concept also allowed UA to create a customer experience that is tailored to each individual consumer.  They provide an extremely personalized service, which in turn garners brand loyalty.

For example, customers will always receive a notification when they have run over 400 miles and then the company offers the customer new products based on their behavior and purchase history. 


Tesla is a company that is extremely well known for its innovative ideas and strategies. Their business operations are constantly evolving to adapt to the changing times. The company strives to incorporate technology into their vehicles that essentially make them computers on wheels. This includes cameras, sensors, virtual assistants, GPS, etc.

Tesla is also experimenting with the concept of self-driving vehicles, which use artificial intelligence to automatically navigate through traffic. Tesla also decided to invest in automated assembly robots. The use of which not only put together cars but also incorporate the latest technology in those cars. 


As you can see from the above business transformation case studies, many of the top companies are investing in new technologies. So as to revolutionize their business operations and meet changing demands. Adopting a proactive approach by striving to meet the needs of the future can truly put your business ahead of its rivals. Also, it improves your operational efficiency to a great extent. 

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