What is NFT airdrop in wazirx?

Wazirx is the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. It is owned by Binance and is known as the largest bitcoin exchange in the terms of volume. Nischal Shetty is the founder of WazirX. What is NFT airdrop in wazirx can be explained as a technique used to compensate for the Shib incident as tweeted by its founder Nischal Shetty.

What is NFT airdrop in wazirx ?

NFT airdrop or crypto airdrop is a marketing tactic used by the developers of blockchain projects where they send their users free NFTs and tokens so that they can promote their project before it is launched. Startups use airdrops to let people become aware of their cryptocurrency or a new NFT Project. If the

publicity is more then it will help out in the boosting of the price of the token when it is listed for the initial coin offering. Now let us see What is NFT airdrop in wazirx.

How NFT airdrop work in WazirX?

WazirX is a crypto trading platform in the crypto world. It has a native token called WRX which is used to buy and sell NFT tokens that are airdropped. NFT airdrop in WazirX is always based on a fixed price model. Since most of the crypto tokens need to be minted similarly NFT tokens are minted at a minimum gas fee of $1 which is very less as compared to other trading platforms. Now let us see What is NFT airdrop in wazirx.

If one thing characterizes NFTs, it is their very nature, which makes them valuable, incomparable, permanent, and non-fungible. With this asset, everyone wins, no one loses, investors and creators are satisfied. Investing in NFTS from WazirX is now considered a wise decision. WazirX is now transforming the perspective of crypto investment as NFTs are having a huge potential and growing market. NFT assets are real-world objects which avoid plagiarism, duplication, or the illegal sharing of the assets.

Startups nowadays are gaining popularity by airdropping NFTs on WazirX platforms before their launch. These airdropped tokens when received by the recipients give them a feeling of exclusivity which technically gives them an opportunity to be a part of its soft launch.

WazirX has now announced WRX airdrop which will compensate for all the users who have bought the SHIB coin at a higher price and have suffered a loss. They will issue WRX tokens based on the loss suffered. The airdrop tokens will be provided for the next 4 months and will be equivalent to 25% of the loss incurred.

Concluding Thoughts

WazirX is the fastest-growing cryptocurrency trading platform and is the most trusted NFT marketplace for the artists and creators around. Besides being a great marketing strategy NFT airdrops also guarantee widespread distribution. In the coming years, the crypto space is going to grow tremendously and people are searching up google to buy tokens instead of shares. However, if you are planning to invest in airdrop go for proper research and check the legitimacy of the airdrop site before passing on any kind of information through these trading platforms.

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